Gas analyzer

    A measuring device to determine the qualitative and quantitative composition of gas mixtures – as well as the most popular item at the first levels of the game. Particularly relevant at the beginning of the game after the vypa.

    Gas analyzer

    Such a demand is due to the fact that the gas analyzer is needed in the two initial quests with the Therapist:

    • 1 piece required on the quest Sanitary Inspectorate Part 1 (marked Found in the raid)
    • 2 pieces required on the quest Sanitary Inspectorate Part 2 (marked Found in the raid)

    Well and in the later stages of the game for crafting, barter, as well as 3 pcs required for the construction of the scout center level 3

    Spawn types:

    There are five types of basic gazan spawn locations:

    1. Removable drawers (file cabinets )
    2. Bags
    3. Schrons (random )
    4. Wild (random)
    5. On the racks in the profile places

    Personally, I collected my gazanas in the card index cards, just because I mostly play on maps where they are enough. Just as they were in the corpses of the wild, but it’s quite random, and we have to go somewhere where the chance of finding it will be high.

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    Spawn locations :

    You should either look in places with a lot of cards or in specialized places, such as electronics stores

    Decoupling :

    Of the stores we are interested in, the first floor:

    • Techno spectrum
    • Rasmusen

    Looking at the shelves

    Gas analyzer

    The second floor, of course, is TechLight

    Gas analyzer

    But I would encourage you to explore the vastness of OLI and warehouse space.

    In OLI they are found on the shelves, quite often, and in the warehouse they can be both on racks and in toolboxes

    Gas analyzer


    There are file cabinets at the Meteo Station (3 pcs) and at the Norwinski Pier (2 pcs)

    Gas analyzer


    Two file cabinets on the third floor of the offices

    Gas analyzer


    The place with the highest density of bags and crates is the East side of the map – and we are interested in the village and the military position, there are bags and crates of tools.

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    Gas analyzer


    I did the following route:

    Ideally if appeared at the top of the queen (ball) where the exit from the rock:

    A pair of index cards in the checkpoint (open )

    Going down checkpoint in front of the fence , there are a couple more card index cards.


    Gas analyzer

    On the second floor of the queen (RLS) a pair of toolboxes and five index cards

    Gas analyzer

    If you go straight down into the subway, right after you go down there are some toolboxes and a tool room in front of the entrance to exit D2

    Gas analyzer

    Also a lot of cards on reserve in the area of the offices at the switch that includes D-2

    Gas analyzer

    If you do not want to delay – and appeared at the radar, checkpoint, the bag at the entrance to the radar, go down through the checkpoint, there are card indexes and to the exit of the well (without backpack).

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    You can go to the exit and go to a new raid. By this point, as a rule, had already passed 10 minutes, but it is better to keep track of this moment, it would be a shame to take out a quest item and lose a tick from the early evacuation.


    There are two main points of interest with file cabinets and bags:

    Lab in the new area – three gym bags on the first floor as well as file cabinets on the second floor.

    Gas analyzer

    The second point of interest is dormitories :

    The double-decker has three bags, a toolbox, and three file cabinets

    Gas analyzer

    Three stories>: on the first floor three file cabinets and a bag, on the second floor two bags, the third without any points where gazan could appear.

    Gas analyzer

    If you pass quickly, it is worth walking through the first floors of both dorms for file cabinets are preferable and have a better chance of appearing than in the bags.

    Gas analyzer
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